POD Go 1.10 Owner's Manual - English
Collected By Ge0ph Young on 03-22-2021 at 08:47 PM

Line 6 POD Go Wireless Guitar Multi-effects Floor Processor
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The POD Go Goes Wireless!

The Line 6 POD Go Wireless equips the wildly popular Helix-family POD Go modeling floorboard with a powerful 125-foot integrated Relay wireless guitar system to give you complete wireless freedom onstage. Just think: with the POD Go Wireless, you're totally (and tonally) untethered from the confines of the cable. 

More info here.

The Fender American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster: 5 Things You Should Know
Collected By Ge0ph Young on 03-17-2021 at 09:37 PM

The latest entry to Fender's Acoustasonic series of innovative acoustic-electrics is not just a rehash of the others. The Acoustasonic Jazzmaster is an instrument all its own and a particularly cool take on Fender's new concept. Watch Joe show off the 5 things you should know about the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster, and click the link to hear a complete list of sound samples of this new model on Reverb:

Video here.

Oh Well (Cover) - Belfast Busking
Collected By Jeff Young on 02-14-2021 at 08:48 PM

We’ve had the best craic busking in Belfast over the past few days. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped and watched and hope everybody has a great Christmas. Here’s a clip of ‘Oh Well’ ???? Connect with Dea Matrona: https://www.facebook.com/deamatronaband/? https://www.instagram.com/deamatronab...? https://twitter.com/DeaMatronaBand

See video here

Counterfeit rock legend guitars seized at Dulles International Airport
Collected By Jeff Young on 02-11-2021 at 07:23 PM

With some songs, you just need to hear one or two notes to recognize who’s playing — and sometimes you can tell just by the sound of the guitar.

More than three dozen high-end guitars — including a double neck Gibson SG, like the one used by Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” as well as an autographed Les Paul from Guns and Roses guitarist Slash — were confiscated at Dulles International Airport, when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers identified them as counterfeit.

Full story here. 

Cort G300 Right In Between Ibanez & Harley Benton
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Saxsquatch plays Sleepwalk
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Believe in yourself even when no one else does.

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Watch video here.

Free Bird (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)
Collected By Jeff Young on 02-1-2021 at 09:04 PM

Watch Video Here.

Original by Lynyrd Skynyrd

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