After 14 years as a community ‘hero’ and ‘legend,’ DJ let go by Boise radio station Full Story
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A well-known local radio personality is gone from the Boise airwaves after nearly 15 years.

Mix 106 afternoon host Steve Kicklighter — known to listeners as Kekeluv — is no longer with the station.

“I gave you my all,” he wrote Tuesday on Instagram. “Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for the out of town (management) team. I was just let go.”

Stalinist America Full Story
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A government controlled discourse has led to the Covid mess.

John C Dvorak

19 hr ago

The powers in control of the public trust, including the mainstream media combined with Facebook and Twitter, are all complaining about Covid misinformation. They cry that bad information is everywhere on blogs, podcasts, TikToK, BitChute, etc. But this bad information often comes from vetted and real experts. What gives?

Jackpot marijuana dispensary to open in September Full Story
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JACKPOT — A marijuana dispensary is scheduled to open in mid-September in Jackpot, Nevada.

This will be Thrive Cannabis Marketplace’s sixth location in Nevada.

John Erminio marketing director for Thrive said they are ready for the new location.

“We are very excited about being entrenched in that area and being a good partner there,” Erminio said.

The store will be open 24/7, 365 days a year. Shoppers will be able to come inside the store or use a drive-through option, he said. A range of products will be available including vapes, concentrate and edibles.

Meridian City Council unanimously denies permit for nightclub on Eagle Road intersection Full Story
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MERIDIAN, Idaho (CBS2) — On Tuesday night the Meridian city council voted unanimously to deny the permit application for The Oasis, citing, among other things, lack of adequate parking.

Numerous people are speaking out against the construction of a new nightclub in Meridian.

Idaho man climbs state's 123 highest mountains Full Story
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HAILEY, Idaho — Seven years of driving down bumpy and remote dirt roads, bushwhacking through underbrush, trudging up scree fields, and standing finally at the breathtaking apex of mountain after mountain after mountain came to a joyful end last week.

Derek Percoski of Hailey has climbed all 123 of Idaho's tallest mountains, successfully summiting all nine peaks over 12,000 feet and all 114 over 11,000 feet. He wrapped up his final climb - the Pioneer Range's 11,220-foot Alcyon Peak - on July 15, his 41st birthday. 

Couple opens new winery in Buhl Full Story
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Owner Dale Lewis talks about the vineyard Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at the Chateau DNA Vineyard and Winery west of Buhl. Lewis and his wife Aileen saw the property for sale while on a road trip last fall. With a chuckle Lewis mentioned that they didn't buy any postcards, but they bought a winery.

The Death of Expertise and the Rise of the Internet Full Story
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The modern Internet has become a hopeless cesspool of lies, misinformation, malinformation, bad intentions, ignorant good intentions and half-truths, outright hoaxes, slander, cruelty; as well as a refuge for creeps, criminals, thieves, phonies, agent provocateurs, would-be revolutionaries, predators, useless and fake reviews, Satanists, and worse.

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If you are done with this pandemic, being cooped up in your house, and you just need to get out into nature for a weekend - you aren't alone. A lot of us are feeling the urge to get outdoors. For some people this is a new feeling and camping seems like a foreign activity. I have good news, camping doesn't have to be dirty or in a drafty tent. I do prefer tent camping to glamping in a fancy RV or cabin, I do get the appeal of an occasional outdoor adventure where I don't have to tow a trailer or set up a tent.

Halley's Comet Fireballs Visible To Magic Valley Thurs Morning Full Story
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Halley's Comet last passed within view of the Earth way back in 1986, and won't be returning until 2061, according to What those of us in southern Idaho will get the opportunity to view in the sky Thursday is what those in the space community refer to as "cosmic litter." Think of it as a sort of an early Fourth of July display, except these space mortars have the ability to do serious damage.

Hollister restaurant aims to be your home away from home Full Story
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Navigate your way out to Hollister and you will find one of Idaho’s diamonds in the rough: Buster’s Restaurant and Saloon.

“When I built this it was you’re sitting around your mom’s kitchen table gabbing about the day’s events, and that’s how I wanted it to be here,” said owner Buster Day. “You come in and you’re comfortable like you’re sitting at home.”

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